Saturday, August 6, 2016

No News is Good News

We're so sorry for not posting.  It has been a very busy summer for both of us.

But all is good.  No news is good news.

Our wedding is still on for late fall and being Amanda's baby...soon to be "baby spouse" is absolutely wonderful. 

We will be posting soon.

It's amazing being in diapers for Amanda!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Baby in Her Arms

When Amanda had finished diapering me at the party i wrote about in my last post, Mommy left the two of us alone since she was confident that Amanda could handle things.  It was also a nice way to give the two of us some time alone.

When my diaper was firmly in place and the plastic panties slid back on, Amanda gave me a hug and told me how cute She thought i was.  She also wanted me to relax a bit and to feel free to talk about anything with Her.  She told me that Mommy and Daddy had told Her lots about me and She was happy that we met.

It was hard to "relax" in many ways.  There i was with a pacifier in my mouth, dressed like a baby girl and with an erection in my diaper once again.  i don't know if She could see it because of all the padding, but i couldn't help but feel embarrassed.  i also couldn't talk with the pacifier in my 

"Can i just hold you for awhile?" She asked me.  i nodded yes and She sat up on the bed against the headboard and had me lay across Her so that my face was snuggled up against one of Her breasts.

"I understand you and Mommy have a special bond.  She breastfeeds you right?"  She said to me. 
Again i nodded.  "I'd love that if we could work it out" She smiled. 

Amanda is a full figured woman with large and lovely breasts.  The thought of nursing on them while in Her arms made me aroused even more.  She knew it and used Her left hand to rub the front of my plastic panties softly while She held me closely with Her right arm. 

She still wore Her blouse and i was pressed closely against Her right breast still with my pacifier in my mouth.  She continued to rub and i couldn't help but move my crotch back and forth just a bit, my movements slight but synchronized with Her rubbing.  "Go ahead baby, I like it when you feel good" She said.  She knew i was about to cum again.  i did.  She just held me close and hugged me, kissing me on the forehead first, then taking my pacifier and slipping Her tongue into my mouth.  i was falling in love.

After the embrace, Amanda made no mention of another diaper change but said it was time for us to get back to the party before we went missing for too long.  She rearranged Herself and made sure i looked pretty, took me by the hand and we walked back into the party.  Mommy and Daddy just smiled when they saw us and i was put back on the baby blanket that was spread on the floor to play with my baby toys.

A few minutes later, Amanda returned with a baby bottle full of apple juice for me.  Most everyone else had adult beverages and i had the baby bottle. 

About a half hour after finishing my bottle i wet my diaper once again but had to wait for one final diaper change before we went home.  This time Amanda handled it all by Herself. 

Next post:  More about Amanda and Wedding Plans!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Diapered by Amanda

When Amanda smiled at me i didn't know what to do.  She had just asked Mommy if i needed a diaper change and without even checking if i was wet Mommy simply said "Yes, I think she's due for one."

There were many people in the room and a few of them were watching us.  i didn't know what they were thinking but i became even more self-conscious than i was before.  i sat there on the blanket surrounded by some baby toys and sucking on my pacifier.  i was worried that i might be changed right there in front of everyone because the diaper bag was right beside where Mommy was sitting. 

i felt relieved that Mommy suggested we go to one of the spare bedrooms because i might be a little embarrassed in front of everyone.  Amanda agreed and took my hand and began to lead me to the bedroom as we followed Mommy down the hall. 

"Would you rather crawl?" she asked me.   i nodded no and continued to suck on my pacifier.  Amanda was taller than me, even without the heels She was wearing.  She squeezed my had tighter as we walked to the bedroom.

Mommy took out a folding plastic pad from the diaper bag and spread it onto the bed and told me to lie down on my back.  Mommy began talking to Amanda about me, the types of diapers i usually wear, saying we preferred cloth at home but the disposable types when we travel.  Mommy suggested that Amanda go ahead and give it a try.

"I'd love to.  She's so cute!" Amanda said.  By now i was feeling myself getting aroused and i couldn't help it.  As Amanda started taking off my plastic panties i got harder and i Mommy could tell.  When the plastic panties were off, Amanda began undoing the tabs on my disposable diaper and fondled me ever so slightly in the crotch...i grew a bit more.

"Don't be ashamed" She said softly. "It's only natural."

"I think she likes you" Mommy laughed.  "She doesn't always get like that with me!"

Amanda giggled and undid my diaper.  She saw my little penis standing very erect.  "I think it's just beautiful to see a sissy baby like this" She said. 

i could tell i was going to have an orgasm and kept trying to hold it back.  She wasn't even touching me and just as She pulled the old diaper away i lost control and my penis began to leak.

""Aww....that's okay baby karen" Amanda said as She put the used diaper over my penis and stroked me.  "You can mess for Mommy and Amanda.  Soon you'll be in a fresh diaper."

i felt so ashamed.  i had lost all control in front of Amanda.  i felt like She was just being polite but inside, She must have been laughing at what a pathetic sissy i was.

Amanda took the used diaper away and reached into the diaper bag for a new disposable and some baby wipes.  She smiled and wiped me clean but said nothing.  All i could do was hope i didn't have
another accident.

She took the new diaper and said "Okay, let's get you changed before there's another accident!"

She climbed onto the bed next to me, spread the diaper out and slid it under my butt then reached for the baby powder.

i could feel some stirring again between my legs. 

Amanda and Mommy just smiled at each other.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Baby of the Party

A couple of posts ago i wrote about a party i was going to attend with Mommy and Daddy.  It wasn't a big party with only about 15 people in attendance.  It was a private home party made up of couples and a few singles who all enjoy some aspect of BDSM or D/s.

Surprisingly, there was no open sex there which made the party casual and more fun.  There was however some simple punishments that were meted out by those couples who were into it.  There was only one couple where the male was submissive and he was dressed in a french maid uniform and did much of the serving throughout the evening.

Mommy and Daddy brought me there dressed in regular boy clothes but once i got there i was changed into my baby things, put on the floor in the living room with a blanket to sit on and some baby toys.  i had a pacifier in my mouth and was told that i wasn't to speak unless it was an emergency.  i also had a big floppy bonnet on.

All the time i was a bit concerned because i knew there was going to be a woman there a few years older than me (a friend of Simone) who i was told might be interested in meeting me.  i couldn't pick her out because everyone seemed to be coupled up.  Each time the doorbell rang i got nervous.  Once it was a couple, another time it was two singles who weren't together (male and female) and then finally Amanda walked in.

She was a tall full-bodied blonde beauty.  i couldn't take my eyes off Her and i didn't.  She made Her way around the room saying hello to people and paid no attention to the baby in the corner. 

An hour later, She asked Mommy who the pretty little baby was.

"This is baby karen" Mommy said with a big smile.

"She's so pretty.  Does she need a diaper change? I'd be glad to do it for you" Amanda said with an even broader grin.

That's how it all started.

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Baby Wedding

I'm really sorry that I stopped blogging for awhile.  So many wonderful people wrote to me asking if everything was all right.  I wrote back to most to let them know that I am indeed okay and really, everything is absolutely fantastic!

At the last party I went to with Mommy and Daddy, I met a wonderful woman who was about 11 years older than me.  They'd told me about her but they thought she was closer in age than that.  It didn't matter, I liked her very much and found out later that she also enjoyed the time we spent together.

She's a Dominant Woman and though she'd never thought about having a sissy baby as a submissive, became intrigued with the idea. 

It's a long story deserving of more  that i have time to write right now, but to get to the point, we are getting married in October! 

Be patient.  I'll fill you in soon. I'm finishing up school and looking forward to our wedding.

I now know what it is to be in love.  And she does too.


baby karen

Friday, August 14, 2015

Missing Mommy, Daddy and Diapers

I had to fly back home last Saturday when my elderly grandmother passed away.  The funeral was Tuesday and i didn't get back until late Wednesday evening.  Her death wasn't unexpected and the family was prepared for it but it was still hard to deal with.  She was a lovely woman and always cheerful with a kind word to say about everyone.  I'll miss her.

While away i really missed everything I have here with Mommy and Daddy, but more than that, everything I "am" here when with them.  The days out of diapers and not being able to nurse at mommy's breast were long and seemed like they would never come to an end. 

While I was away, Mommy used a breast pump to keep her milk flowing and froze her milk in those little packets just like mothers do for their babies.  There's now a  nice supply in the freezer, all properly dated and marked "Baby Karen."  There was obviously no need to mark them since I'm the only baby in the house, but it's a nice feeling to see them marked that way.

When I got back on Wednesday I was immediately put into a very, very thick double diaper (it was close to bed time) and snuggled with Mommy for my feeding.  I was so happy to be back.  All felt so natural and how it should be. 

This weekend is going to be a very, very important one.  Mommy and Daddy are taking me to a private party at one of their kinky friends' home.  A couple they used to play with is hosting it and they've assured me it is all very private and low key.  Participation in any kind of kink is totally voluntary.

There are only supposed to be 5 or 6 couples there and a couple of singles.  Supposedly singles aren't at these parties and if they come, it's only because they are  very close friends of someone who can vouch for them. 

Even though the party is low key and there's no pressure to "participate", most people dress somewhat kinky and I've been told I will be attending as their submissive baby girl.  I'm a bit excited and anxious about it.  I've also been told that one of the singles is a young woman who is only about 5 years older than I am.  She's a friend of Simone (one of Mommy and Daddy's friends), enjoys being Dominant and knows a bit about me! 

Who knows if anything will come of it, but it will be the first time ever that i'm treated like a baby in full view of everyone without having to worry.  At east Mommy and Daddy won't be worrying!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Finding Friends

Mommy and Daddy have explained to me that as they matured, it became much easier for them to discuss their kinks and other lifestyle issues "with similar minded folks."  Besides that they also told me how difficult it was for them to do the same thing when they were much younger and in the early years of their marriage.

Daddy explained it well saying that they were still finding themselves and what they enjoyed and were very paranoid about what other people would think.  Their maturing made them realize that what other people think isn't all that important.  They made friends in the kinky community but also have vanilla friends who know about parts of their lifestyle.

All of this helps us understand my own struggles in finding someone my own age to be friends with and maybe even find a partner.  Introducing me to some of their lifestyle friends was a nice way to start my socializing and interacting with other adults as their submissive baby.  I'll be seeing them, and possibly even others soon.

All of this has me thinking about the possibility of finding someone close to my age who would enjoy having a submissive who loves being a baby. 

It's risky to spill your guts out to a girl you like, someone you've been dating awhile, and tell her
about your fantasies.  You can drop hints, guide the conversation in certain directions and things like that but when the time comes to bring it up, it's very risky.

I would be far better off being introduced to someone who already has expressed an interest in some type of alternative lifestyle and isn't going to be shocked at my own interests.

Finding a woman closer to my age who enjoys being dominant and controlling me as her sissy baby would be absolutely awesome!